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Angular 2.0.0-rc.7 released

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As we are getting closer to final release the Angular2 team is releasing more often rc’s. The latest RC.7 is available now for download. Minimal breaking changes this time (as they promised to be fair). Complete changelog below:

Bug Fixes

  • core: allow group() to be used as entry point for an animation trigger (#11419) (6a2bbff), closes #11312
  • core: ensure parent animations are triggered before children (#11201) (c9e5b59)
  • core: correctly type event handler proxy functions (aa9b617)
  • core: fix error when NgModule.bootstrap contains undefined or null (ea95c39)
  • core: fix an issue with webpack and lazy loader. (#11387) (d26a827)
  • core: BCP47 uses hyphens as separator (#11514) (7b82877)
  • compiler: fix CssSelector#getMatchingElementTemplate() for void tags (077e0be), closes #11407
  • compiler: add missing elements to DOMSchema (d309f77), closes #11219
  • compiler: fix perf regression in ShadowCss (#11420) (78ad9ad), closes #11371
  • compiler-cli: prepend a rootDir when assuming a file exists (#11291) (c315359)
  • compiler-cli: propagate errors to main (#11214) (5e5ae3c)
  • compiler-cli: use the compilerHost to detect file existence (#11418) (9e2ec7a)
  • forms: clear errors on disable (#11463) (673de00), closes #11287
  • forms: disabled controls should never be invalid (#11257) (043493c), closes #11253
  • forms: fix disabled support for empty form containers (#11427) (7b24028), closes #11386
  • forms: fix resetting radios (#11546) (61aad79), closes #11516
  • forms: rename validator change fn due to conflict (#11492) (53f0c22), closes #11479
  • forms: support dots in control names in contains (#11542) (79055f7), closes #11535
  • forms: support rebinding nested controls (#11210) (8c09933)

Code Refactoring

  • core: remove …Metadata for all decorators and use the decorator directly. (63e15ff)



  • core: – all …Metadata classes have been removed. Use the corresponding decorator as constructor or for instanceofchecks instead.
  • Example:
    • Before: new ComponentMetadata(…)
    • After: new Component(…)
  • Note: new Component(…) worked before as well.

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