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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Understanding delegates in C#

Best explanation I came across so far is this: General Scenario: When a head of state dies, the President of the United States typically does not have time to attend the funeral personally. Instead, he dispatches a delegate. Often this delegate is the Vice President, but

Arduboy, the interactive business card

A nice project from user Batseke showed up recently on the web. It looks like a miniature gameboy with dimensions of a bussiness card. It is powered  by an Atmel TQFP32 which has enough juice to let you play tetris or flappy bird in its Oled

Soundcard for RaspberryPi

Element 14 announced a Wolfson powered audio card for Raspberry Pi. Price is around 33$ and it can be connected to an amp over 3.5mm line-out or via the digital S/PDIF output. The resolution is 24-bit / 192KHz which is more than enough for most

40 Raspberry Pi cluster

A brilliant project from engineer David Guill. David wanted a cluster to work on distributed software so he designed and build his own supercomputer! Here are the specifications of the final system: 40 cores Broadcom BCM2835 @700 MHz 20 GB total distributed RAM 5 TB disk storage –

Mobile/Tablet Emulation in Chrome

The easiest way I found so far to do a quick check on how the website I am working on appears in some of the most popular mobile devices is through the latest versions of Google chrome. So just browse to your website and then