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Raspberry PI in Gameboy Advance

We have seen in the past some really nice mods with Rasperry Pi’s but this has to be of my favorites. The user ‘Ryzee’ posted in reddit a great worklog of his project. He also mentioned that he will post the pcb files for those

raspberrypi 3

Control Raspberry Pi GPIOs with Flask

Randomnerdtutorials posted a very nice tutorial on how to control Raspberry Pi GPIOs with a web server build in Python and Flask. By the end of the tutorial you will be able to  toggle two LEDs. Or you can replace those LEDs with any output, like a relay

RetroPie logo

RetroPie v3.7 released

The latest pre-made image of RetroPie is v3.7 was released few days ago and you can grab your copy from this link. For those who don’t know RetroPie allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro-gaming machine. It builds upon Raspbian, EmulationStation, RetroArch and many other

raspberrypi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 hits the market

The raspberry pi team is celebrating 4 successful years this month and as a gift they decided to release today a new improved version of raspberry pi. The version 3. This time not only we are getting higher processor speeds but also  features most of

Raspberry Pi Zero

I am sure you heard the news about the new Raspberry Pi model with the code name Zero. It still amazes be how such advanced technology can be packed in a tiny pcb and purchased for only 5£. The specs: 1Ghz, Single-core CPU 512MB RAM

RaspberryPi 2 will run windows 10!

Wow! Fantastic news for all the makers. The company behind raspberrypi announced today that the new model “RaspberryPi 2” will be able to run windows 10. It seems that microsoft stripped down a lot windows 10 so now they can be used even in low

RaspberryPi Model B+

  Its all over the internets! RaspberryPi Model B+ is the new thing from Raspberry Pi foundation. To be honest I am not that excited as I don’t see many improovements. Still same processor, still same amount of ram. Have a look below for the

HummingBoard – The powerful RaspberryPi clone

If you are looking for something more powerful to replace your raspberrypi then HummingBoard might be the solution. It has the same dimensions so you can still use the raspeberrypi  case. It comes in three flavours with the most advanced one been really impressive.   

Use a solar panel to power your RaspberryPi

Julian Sarokin in his website posted a small video on how to use a solar panel for powering a raspberry pi.  It is a very simple guide and and it misses a lot of stuff but if you want something quick it will give you

Raspberry Pi Gameboy Pocket (Pi-Pocket)

An amazing project from Travis Brown. He was able to fit a raspberry pi and a 2.5 inch TFT into a gameboy pocket case. Total cost was around 140$ and this includes except raspberry pi and tft, a Teensy microcontroller, a Li-Ion 2600mAh battery, an