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Ray Kurzweil Explains Singularity

In this short video Ray Kurzweil, the great mind behind Google Engineering team explains Singularity. Not an easy topic for sure! My small brain has trouble digesting theories, views and ideas like these. Have a look, it worths it: Raymond “Ray” Kurzweil born February 12,

Do you think coders worth it?

Are coders worth it?

If you are a developer I recommend you spend some time in reading this blog post from James Somers. I can’t say I agree with his views but it has some valid points. Especially if you consider the Facebook share price in stock exchange market. ‘We call

Web Developer. Ποιος ειναι και τι κανει.

Μεσα απο αυτο το μικρο αρθρο θα προσπαθησω να παρουσιασω τον ρολο του web developer οπως τον εχω κατανοησει απο την μεχρι τωρα επαγγελματικη σταδιοδρομια μου στο χωρο του IT. Θα ηθελα να ξεκινησω απο το definition ή ας πουμε το job description του web developer και μετα να περασω