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Angular4 debugging

“ Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it. ” — Brian Kernighan In this article Maxim Koretskyi guides us though the

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PrimeNG 4.0 Final Release

PrimeTek is pleased to announce the 4.0-Final release of PrimeNG featuring 100+ enhancements over the previous 2.x version.  PrimeNG is a collection of rich UI components for Angular 2+. PrimeNG is a sibling of the popular JavaServer Faces Component Suite, PrimeFaces. All widgets are open source and

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Angular 2 Final Release

The wait is over Angular devs! Angular 2 final release is here ready for use. Today, at a special meetup at Google, angular team announced the final release version of Angular 2, the full-platform successor to Angular 1. A few of the things you can

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Angular 2.0.0-rc.7 released

As we are getting closer to final release the Angular2 team is releasing more often rc’s. The latest RC.7 is available now for download. Minimal breaking changes this time (as they promised to be fair). Complete changelog below: Bug Fixes core: allow group() to be

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Adding jQuery to Angular-CLI project

Angular-cli project became quite famous after the latest ng-conf and now more and more people are using it. I am one of them and to be honest I enjoy the simplicity and the convenience it gives you when you want to start a new project


Angular Material2 2.0.0-alpha.5 granite-gouda

Few hours ago we had a new release of Material2. Codename Granite-Gouda! So I think this quote perfectly fits here: “Give me a good sharp knife and a good sharp cheese and I’m a happy man.” ― George R.R. Martin Have a look on the


Angular2 Github boilerplate repositories

List of Github repositories that are focused on helping others to learn Angular2 in conjunction with build systems, bundling, testing, rendering and deployment. The repos in this section serve as project starters that are useful in demonstrating various development stacks: Repository Author ▼ ngVersion Dev

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2.0.0-beta.17 released [Breaking Changes]

Angular team released another beta this week, which unfortunately has some breaking changes. This is normal and should be expected if you are building apps with beta frameworks. BREAKING CHANGES The reference #… now always means ref-. Before: Outside of ngFor, a #… meant a reference.

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Angular 2.0.0-beta.16

Angular2 team just released beta.16 which brings new features mostly in router and a number of fixes for forms, compiler etc. Here is the full list: Bug Fixes angular_1_router: Removed arrow function from module template (d094a85), closes #8076 build: ignore Dart warnings for external code.

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Angular 2 Resources

Angular2 is close to first release candidate so I thought to make this post for developers that want to dive in. If you ask my opinion between Angular2 vs React I am all the way to Angular2 as it offers a complete package. Angular 2