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2.0.0-beta.17 released [Breaking Changes]

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Angular team released another beta this week, which unfortunately has some breaking changes. This is normal and should be expected if you are building apps with beta frameworks.


The reference #... now always means ref-.


  • Outside of ngFor, a #... meant a reference.
  • Inside of ngFor, it meant a local variable.

This was pattern was confusing.


  • <template #abc> now defines a reference to a TemplateRef, instead of an input variable used inside of the template.
  • Inside of structural directives that declare local variables, such as *ngFor, usage of #... is deprecated. Use letinstead.
    • <div *ngFor="#item of items"> now becomes <div *ngFor="let item of items">
  • var-... is deprecated.
    • use # or a ref- outside of *ngFor
    • for ngFor, use the syntax: <template ngFor let-... [ngForOf]="...">

Bug Fixes

  • changelog: fix changelog script. (c209836)
  • compiler: Allow templates to access variables that are declared afterwards. (1e8864c), closes #8261
  • core: properly evaluate expressions with conditional and boolean operators (1ad2a02), closes #8235 #8244 #8282
  • metadata: Do not attach module names to metadata. (d964888), closes #8225 #8082 #8256
  • testing: allow test component builder to override directives from lists (ff2ae7a), closes #7397 #8217


  • compiler: ElementSchema now has explicit DOM schema information (d327ac4), closes #8179
  • core: separate refs from vars. (d2efac1), closes #7158 #8264

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