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Angular 2.0.0-rc.0 – First release candidate

Huge milestone today from Angular2 team. First release candidate announced a couple of hours ago via twitter. This probably means that things move faster that we think in development process. Many new Router features included and the way we install Angular2 via npm changed a

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2.0.0-beta.17 released [Breaking Changes]

Angular team released another beta this week, which unfortunately has some breaking changes. This is normal and should be expected if you are building apps with beta frameworks. BREAKING CHANGES The reference #… now always means ref-. Before: Outside of ngFor, a #… meant a reference.

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Angular 2.0.0-beta.16

Angular2 team just released beta.16 which brings new features mostly in router and a number of fixes for forms, compiler etc. Here is the full list: Bug Fixes angular_1_router: Removed arrow function from module template (d094a85), closes #8076 build: ignore Dart warnings for external code.

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Angular 2 Resources

Angular2 is close to first release candidate so I thought to make this post for developers that want to dive in. If you ask my opinion between Angular2 vs React I am all the way to Angular2 as it offers a complete package. Angular 2

AngularJS Formly – Render JSON based forms

AngularJS Formly is a nice project I found recently in Github which shows clearly the power of AngularJs framework. Formly is a directive that takes Json data that represent a form and it renders them in  Html. This is very useful for creating dynamic forms based

AngularJs mini online course

Through 12 videos Gregg Pollack will teach you AngularJs, from basic stuff to custom directives and services. This course is free and it will be a shame if you loose it. Learn to use Angular.js by adding behavior to your HTML and speeding up your

Minesweeper in AngularJS

Having fun while learning a new Javascript framework?. Why not, especially if you are one of those who spent a lot of time in front of …. the Minesweeper game. I am sure you remember that old puzzle game from Windows 95.  Luis Perez wrote a

AngularDart v0.9.4 released

AngularDart is a port of Angular to Dart. It is heavily inspired by AngularJS and is supercharged for Dart.  Core Angular features such as directives, data binding, and dependency injection, are all there, and taken advantage of Dart’s features like metadata, types, and classes to feel