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Angular 2.0.0-beta.16

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Angular2 team just released beta.16 which brings new features mostly in router and a number of fixes for forms, compiler etc. Here is the full list:

Bug Fixes

  • angular_1_router: Removed arrow function from module template (d094a85), closes #8076
  • build: ignore Dart warnings for external code. (4140405)
  • codegen: add explicit any to class fields (c8d00dc), closes #8204 #8205
  • compiler: only call pure pipes if their input changed. (8db6215)
  • compiler: properly implement pure pipes and change pipe syntax (152a117)
  • compiler: support string tokens with . inside. (cc86fee)
  • compiler: use DI order for change detection order. (67d05eb), closes #8198
  • core: various minor compiler fixes (2f70457), closes #8162
  • forms: ensure select model updates in firefox and ie (c3daccd), closes #6573 #8148
  • forms: improve error message when ngFormModel is missing a form (12837e1), closes #8136 #8143
  • forms: number input should report null when blank (e69cb40), closes #6932 #8141
  • metadata: emit metadata rooted at ‘angular2’ (9889c21), closes #8144 #8147
  • release: Fix the package.json zone.js requirement to 0.6.12 (6103aa0)
  • tests: remove payload size check (22c05b0)
  • transformers: support (386cc5d), closes #8172
  • upgrade: clean up scope when element is destroyed (0fc9ec2), closes #8102


  • html_lexer: support special forms used by i18n { exp, plural, =0 {} } (7f29766)
  • html_parser: support special forms used by i18n { exp, plural, =0 {} } (7c9717b)
  • i18n: add custom placeholder names (bb9fb21), closes #7799 #8057
  • i18n: add support for nested expansion forms (c6244d1), closes #7977
  • i18n: support plural and gender special forms (88b0a23)
  • NgTemplateOutlet: add NgTemplateOutlet directive (f4e6994), closes #7615 #8021
  • router: add Router and RouterOutlet (5a897cf), closes #8173
  • router: add router metadata (ef67a0c)
  • router: add UrlSegment, RouteSegment, and Tree (90a1f7d)
  • router: implement recognizer (ef6163e)
  • router: implement RouterUrlParser (f698567)
  • test: Implement fakeAsync using the FakeAsyncTestZoneSpec from zone.js. (bab81a9), closes #8142
  • tests: manage asynchronous tests using zones (8490921), closes #7735


  • injectAsync is now deprecated. Instead, use the async function to wrap any asynchronous tests. Before:
it('should wait for returned promises', injectAsync([FancyService], (service) => {
  return service.getAsyncValue().then((value) => { expect(value).toEqual('async value'); });
it('should wait for returned promises', injectAsync([], () => {
  return somePromise.then(() => { expect(true).toEqual(true); });


it('should wait for returned promises', async(inject([FancyService], (service) => {
  service.getAsyncValue().then((value) => { expect(value).toEqual('async value'); });
// Note that if there is no injection, we no longer need `inject` OR `injectAsync`.
it('should wait for returned promises', async(() => {
  somePromise.then() => { expect(true).toEqual(true); });
  • inject can no longer wrap fakeAsync while fakeAsync can wrap inject. So the order in existing tests with inject and fakeAsync has to be switched as follows: Before:
inject([...], fakeAsync((...) => {...}))


fakeAsync(inject([...], (...) => {...}))
  • – pipes now take a variable number of arguments, and not an array that contains all arguments.

Angular team is working hard to give as the RC1 and you can see the progress here.


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