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Nest – A Node.js framework build on Typescript


Nest is a powerful web framework for Node.js, which helps you effortlessly build efficient, scalable applications. It uses modern JavaScript, is built with TypeScriptand combines best concepts of both OOP (Object Oriented Progamming) and FP(Functional Programming).

It is not just another framework. You do not have to wait for a large community, because Nest is built with awesome, popular well-known libraries – Express and! It means, that you can quickly start using framework without worryingabout a third party plugins.


  • Compatible with both TypeScript and ES6 (I strongly recommend to use TypeScript)
  • Based on well-known libraries (Express / so you could share your experience
  • Easy to learn – syntax is similar to Angular / Spring (Java)
  • Dependency Injection, built-in Inversion of Control container
  • Exceptions handler layer (helps to focus on logic)
  • Own modularity system (split your system into reusable modules)
  • WebSockets module (based on
  • Reactive microservices support with messages patterns (transport via TCP / Redis)
  • Testing utilities

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