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ASP.NET Core Succinctly – Free EBook


In ASP.NET Core Succinctly, seasoned authors Simone Chiaretta and Ugo Lattanzi update you on all the advances provided by Microsoft’s landmark framework. By learning the foundations of the library and understanding the new versions of ASP.NET MVC and Web API, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to build .NET web applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Table of Contents
  1. About ASP.NET Core Succinctly
  2. Introduction to ASP.NET Core
  3. What are .NET Core and ASP.NET Core?
  4. A Brief History of the Microsoft Web Stack
  5. Getting started with .NET Core
  6. ASP.NET Core Basics
  7. Beyond the Basics: Application Frameworks
  8. How to Deploy ASP.NET Core Apps
  9. Tools Used to Develop ASP.NET Core Apps
  10. A Look at the Future

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