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jQuery 3.0 released

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Even though the last few years most developers prefer JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, Ember etc the vast majority of websites still use jQuery at least in some parts. Today the jQuery team released the final version the jQuery 3.0. It has a number of fixes and improvements. One noticeable difference is that now you can also find a slim version of jQuery without modules like ajax so that you can use another library instead if you want and save some kilobytes. You can download the new jQuery from this here. Have a look below for the change log.


  • Golf away 21 bytes (eaa3e9f)
  • Preserve URL hash on requests (#1732, e077ffb)
  • Execute jQuery#load callback with correct context (#3035, 5d20a3c)
  • Ensure ajaxSettings.traditional is still honored (#3023, df2051c)
  • Remove unnecessary use of jQuery.trim (0bd98b1)


  • Avoid infinite recursion on non-lowercase attribute getters (#3133, e06fda6)
  • Add a support comment & fix a link @ tabIndex hook (9cb89bf)
  • Strip/collapse whitespace for set values on selects (#2978, 7052698)
  • Remove redundant parent check (b43a368)
  • Fix setting selected on an option in IE<=11 (#2732, 780cac8)


  • Don’t workaround the IE 11 iframe-in-fullscreen sizing issues (#3041, ff1a082)
  • Toggle detached elements as visible unless they have display: none (#2863, 755e7cc)
  • Make sure elem.ownerDocument.defaultView is not null (#2866, 35c3148)
  • Add animation-iteration-count to cssNumber (#2792, df822ca)
  • Restore cascade-override behavior in .show (#2654, #2308, dba93f7)
  • Stop Firefox from treating disconnected elements as cascade-hidden (#2833, fe05cf3)



  • Separate the two paths in jQuery.when (#3029, 356a3bc)
  • Provide explicit undefined context for jQuery.when raw casts (#3082, 7f1e593)
  • Remove default callback context (#3060, 7608437)
  • Warn on exceptions that are likely programming errors (#2736, 36a7cf9)
  • Propagate progress correctly from unwrapped promises (#3062, d5dae25)
  • Make jQuery.when synchronous when possible (#3100, de71e97)
  • Remove undocumented progress notifications in $.when (#2710, bdf1b8f)
  • Give better stack diagnostics on exceptions (07c11c0)


  • Add tests for negative borders & paddings (f00dd0f)


  • Fix various spelling errors (aae4411)
  • Update support comments related to IE (693f1b5)
  • Fix an incorrect comment in the attributes module (5430c54)
  • Updated links to https where they are supported. (b0b280c)
  • Update support comments to follow the new syntax (6072d15)
  • Use https where possible (1de8346)
  • Use HTTPS URLs for jsfiddle & jsbin (63a303f)
  • Add FAQ to reduce noise in issues (dbdc4b7)
  • Add a note about loading source with AMD (#2714, e0c25ab)
  • Add note about code organization with AMD (#2750, dbc4608)
  • Reference new feature guidelines and API tenets (#2320, 6054139)



  • Allow constructing a jQuery.Event without a target (#3139, 2df590e)
  • Add touch event properties, eliminates need for a plugin (#3104, f595808)
  • Add the most commonly used pointer event properties (7d21f02)
  • Remove fixHooks, propHooks; switch to ES5 getter with addProp (#3103, #1746, e61fccb)
  • Make event dispatch optimizable by JavaScript engines (9f268ca)
  • Evaluate delegate selectors at add time (#3071, 7fd36ea)
  • Cover invalid delegation selector edge cases (e8825a5)
  • Fix chaining .on() with null handlers (#2846, 17f0e26)
  • Remove pageX/pageY fill for event object (#3092, 931f45f)


  • Don’t execute native stop(Immediate)Propagation from simulation (#3111, 94efb79)



  • Resolve strict mode ClientRect “no setter” exception (3befe59)



  • Treat literal and function-returned null/undefined the same (#3005, 9fdbdd3)
  • Reduce size (91850ec)



  • Take Safari 9.1 into account (234a2d8)
  • Limit selection to #qunit-fixture in attributes.js (ddb2c06)
  • Set Edge’s expected support for clearCloneStyle to true (28f0329)
  • Fix Deferred tests in Android 5.0’s stock Chrome browser & Yandex.Browser (5c01cb1)
  • Add additional test for jQuery.isPlainObject (728ea2f)
  • Build: update QUnit and fix incorrect test (b97c8d3)
  • Fix manipulation tests in Android 4.4 (0b0d4c6)
  • Remove side-effects of one attributes test (f9ea869)
  • Account for new offset tests (f52fa81)
  • Make iframe tests wait after checking isReady (08d73d7)
  • Refactor testIframe() to make it DRYer and more consistent (e5ffcb0)
  • Weaken sync-assumption from jQuery.when to jQuery.ready.then (f496182)
  • Test element position outside view (#2909, a2f63ff)
  • Make the regex catching Safari 9.0/9.1 more resilient (7f2ebd2)


  • .not/.filter consistency with non-elements (#2808, 0e2f8f9)
  • Never let .closest() match positional selectors (#2796, a268f52)
  • Restore jQuery push behavior in .find (#2370, 4d3050b)

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