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Intro to Asp.NET MVC and Bootstrap


If you are in your first steps as a developer and you decided to take the .Net MVC path then you need to check these two video tutorials from the MS guys Jon Galloway and Christopher Harrison. Its a smooth introduction to these popular technologies and you will find all the basic information you need in order to build your first app.

The MVC course is split into these modules:

  • Basics of MVC and the Moving Parts
  • Creating and Configuring Models
  • The Power of Visual Studio
  • Deep Dive into Controllers
  • Deep Dive into Views
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Introduction to Authentication in MVC​
  • Supplement Your Knowledge

And the Bootstrap into these:

  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Components
  • Page Design
  • Visual Studio and ASP.NET Integration
  • JavaScript Functions
  • Using Bootstrap with LESS
  • Bootstrap in the Real World

Links: ASP.NET MVC and Bootstrap

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