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Add a TFT Display to your Arduino projects (1.8 TFT SPI 128×160)

In all my arduino projects I was using cheap 1602 LCDs mostly because… they are cheap but also of the libraries flexibility.  Recently I found a nice TFT 1.8 inch 128×160 in a very competitive price and i thought to give it a go.  Just $4.5.




I had a little bit of trouble to make it work because you need to use a specific version of UTFT. You will find all the files at the bottom. Connection is easy enough just don’t forget to add 1KOhm resistors to all data lines.

-Connect to LCD_Pin SDA/SDI/MOSI(it means LCD_Model Pin_SDA/SDI/MOSI Connect to Arduino_UNO Pin11)
-Connect to LCD_Pin SCL/CLK/SCLK(it means LCD_Model Pin_SCL/CLK/SCLK Connect to Arduino_UNO Pin10)
-Connect to LCD_Pin CS/CE(it means LCD_Model Pin_CS/CE Connect to Arduino_UNO Pin9)
-Connect to LCD_Pin RST/RESET(it means LCD_Model Pin_RST/RESET Connect to Arduino_UNO Pin12)
-Connect to LCD_Pin RS/DC(it means LCD_Model Pin_RS/DC Connect to Arduino_UNO Pin8)
-Connect to LCD_Pin VCC and BL to Arduino 5v
-Connect to LCD_Pin GND to Arduino GND



And here is a short demo

I bought mine from but you can them in ebay or in other chinese eshops.

Download the datasheets,diagrams,library and demos here.

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