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Arduino Info display

Hi all, I know I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. Apologies. This is is because of spending time with my family and work. I’ll try to post small guides from time to time. This Christmas I wanted to play a little bit with my Arduinos so I thought to connect a 2×16 LCD display into an Arduino Uno and show some data. I used a DS3231 RTC to get date and time, a common DHT11 for temperature and humidity measurements and finally a sound pressure level module from freetronics, which is essentially a microphone with a small amp in order to get some kind of measurement about the noise levels in my environment. Here is a photo of how it looks and the code below if you want to build something similar. For which pins to connect check the code. It is easy to figure out. For the LCD rs = 7, en = 8, d4 = 9, d5 = 10, d6 = 11, d7 = 12. DHT data pin to 2 and SPL data to A0.

arduino 2x16 lcd ds3231 dht11 spl

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