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Daily Archives: January 16, 2014

Briefcase Arcade

If you are into arcade gaming then you will find this project really interesting. Arcade gaming station in a briefcase! It has proper joystick and buttons, the only thing is missing is the coin slot. If you have pc components laying around, maybe from an

Pong Game in Lcd with Arduino

A really fun and simple enough project for beginners in Arduino posted by Ryan from By using simple components like resistors, leds,  an lcd and of course an arduino he build a pong game. The schematic below shows how simple it is. The Arduino Sketch

AngularDart v0.9.4 released

AngularDart is a port of Angular to Dart. It is heavily inspired by AngularJS and is supercharged for Dart.  Core Angular features such as directives, data binding, and dependency injection, are all there, and taken advantage of Dart’s features like metadata, types, and classes to feel

Angular Fullstack 1.2.0

Another Mean stack yeoman generator came up couple of days ago and it has some nice features. The most important is the use of npm package passport which gives us the ability to scaffold a user account easily. Yeoman generator for creating MEAN stack applications,