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UpBoard – The new player in card size computers

UP is the computer board for makers and professional makers. UP is the bridge between your hobby and your future business. UP unleashes the power of the Intel x5-Z8300 QuadCore 1.44Ghz (1.84GHz) 64 bit 2W CPU. The 40 Pin I/O connector, the USB 3.0 OTG,

Soundcard for RaspberryPi

Element 14 announced a Wolfson powered audio card for Raspberry Pi. Price is around 33$ and it can be connected to an amp over 3.5mm line-out or via the digital S/PDIF output. The resolution is 24-bit / 192KHz which is more than enough for most

Turn your raspberryPi into FM Radio transmitter

What if i tell you that you can easily transmit FM signal from your RaspberryPi without using any extra hardware. Impressive at least huh? Well today I saw a video in OreillyMedia youtube channel explaining on how to do it. Actually you only have to download –

New web browser optimized for RaspberryPi.

People in Collabora the last few months are working on a html5 (webkit) web browser optimized for Arm powered devices. This means that if things work out we will have a promising new browser for our Raspberries. Some of the features are : A good multi-tab