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free online courses

Hundreds of free online courses about programming

A few years ago there were very little resources to those who wanted to start a career in development. You either had to graduate from a university or reading books. Today there are many free online courses available to anyone. The quality is really high due

Javascript and Css conferences in 2017

JavaScript and css conferences in 2017

In 2017, many conferences for front-end developers will take place so be ready to spend money. Most of them are in Europe which is good for us but if you are in US you should definitely try to get a ticket for ng-conf. John Papa

Horizon the realtime javascript backend

If you like the idea of Firebase but hosting your data somewhere else except your servers is not an option for you, then you might consider Horizon, the new open source javascript backend which offers similar features.  Horizon let you build and deploy web or mobile apps

Espruino pico

Espruino Pico

Espruino Pico is a tiny USB stick that runs JavaScript code (it doesn’t need to be plugged into a computer). You can program it with nothing but a serial terminal program, but there’s also an IDE that runs in the Chrome Web browser. It’s got

Leap year check in C#/Javascript

The easiest way to check if the year supplied to your app is a leap one just execute the if statement below if( Year % 400 == 0 || ( Year % 4 == 0 && Year % 100 != 0 ) ) {}  

Reserved Keywords in Javascript

In stackoverflow you can find real gems! Somebody asked for the reserved keywords in javascript and he got them as a ….poem! Let this long package float, Goto private class if short. While protected with debugger case, Continue volatile interface. Instanceof super synchronized throw, Extends

How to get the size of a javascript Object

There are times that you will need to get the size of an object but the lack of .length maybe will drive you crazy. The solution is simple. Just create a function in which you pass the object as a parameter and then loop through

Visual Studio Intellisense και στην Javascript

Οσοι χρησιμοποιειτε Visual Studio για IDE τοτε δεν μπορει παρα να ειστε ευχαριστημενοι απο το θαυματουργο Intellisense που κανει το γραψιμο κωδικα αρκετα πιο ευκολο. Αν τωρα θελετε να προσθεσετε το intellisense χαρακτηριστικο απο καποια αλλη βιβλιοθηκη (πχ jQuery) αυτο που εχετε να κανετε ειναι

Web scraping – Ο κλεψας του κλεψαντος

Μπορει να μην εχετε ακουσει τον ορο web scraping αλλα σχεδον σιγουρα εχετε πλοηγηθει εστω μια φορα σε καποιο website που κανει χρηση web scraping. Σαν ορισμο θα λεγαμε οτι προκειται για την τεχνικη του να παιρνουμε πληροφοριες απο καποιο site. Αυτο ειτε με καποιο software εγκατεστημενο

Action game σε Javascript/jQuery.

Αναγκαστικα κλεισμενος μεσα σε ενα αεροδρομιο και εχωντας αρκετο χρονο μπροστα μου μεχρι να ερθει η καθυστερημενη πτηση σκεφτηκα οτι αντι να περασω το χρονο μου βλεπωντας στο φορητο ταινια να φτιαξω ενα μικρο παιχνιδακι. Συνηθως περναει γρηγορα η ωρα οταν γραφω κωδικα και αυτο