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Arduino Internet of Things Manifesto

The Internet of Things can change the way citizens live, travel, and take care of each other. These developments are being supported by large corporations as well as startups. Arduino has been part of the conversation since early on. We believe that the best way

FRDM-KV31F Development Board

FRDM-KV31F Development Board – The absolute value for money!

Everyday, the last few years we see new developement boards hitting the market and with most of them we are pleased with the delivering performance and with the low cost. But there are some like FRDM-KV31F that break the competition! Do you remember few years ago

Arduino mini plotter [vids]

I started making a mini plotter based on the Arduino platform mostly because I was cleaning the storage room and I found some old cdrom drives laying around. So instead of throwing them away I thought that it would be a good idea to use

Arduino IDE for ESP8266

Arduino-compatible IDE with ESP8266 support This project brings support for ESP8266 chip to the Arduino environment. ESP8266WiFi library bundled with this project has the same interface as the WiFi Shield library, making it easy to re-use existing code and libraries. Basic Wiring functions pinMode, digitalRead,

Arduino IDE 1.6 released

Finally a new version of Arduino Ide released few days ago. 1.6.0 includes a lot of new features. Here is a not so brief list of them: Support for multiple platforms Boards are detected and listed on “ports list” menu together with the serial port Drivers

Arduino webradio circuit

Bill Serasidis posted in his website a really nice arduino webradio circuit, which actually connects to for fetching the data and decodes the stream through a vs1053b module. From the schematic I can see that is not too complicate to build and I really like

ESP8266 The cheapest WiFi module for your Arduino

The last few weeks there is a lot of buzz around a new module which gives WiFi access to your Arduino controller via serial port. the name of it is ESP8266 and its main advantage is the very low price. Less than 3$ dollars. Comparing that

Add bluetooth control to a toy truck

Adding Bluetooth control is not a difficult task these days. Its really inexpensive too. The main component in this small project is the bluetooth module HC-05 that you can get it shipped from eBay for less than 5 us dollars. My son had a small toy

Arduino Relay Control with Johnny-Five

Johnny-Five is getting popular and day by day more and more people are using it for programming devices like Arduino, intel Galileo, beaglebone etc. It needs NodeJs and this means that the code you write for your Arduino is in Javascript language. How convenient?  As