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K-Type sensor readings in cloud with Arduino + ESP8266 [IoT] – Devacron.com

K-Type sensor readings in cloud with Arduino + ESP8266 [IoT]



The last few nights I am playing with an Esp8266 module that I had laying around for months and never connected it to my local wifi. Its one of the first modules, the ESP-01. The plan was to connect it to an Arduino mini pro or Arduino nano which has a K-Type temperature sensor attached to it. Then the readings of this sensor would be passed to ESP8266 through the serial pins (RX/TX) and send them to Thingspeak.com.

ESP8266 Pins2Actually it took me a while because I had to battle with different voltages (Esp8266 needs 3.3v NOT 5v) and due to the lack of ftdi chip in arduino mini pro. But finally I succeeded and here is the code and the result.

DSC_2048 DSC_2050 DSC_2051

You can check my github repository for more. You will also find there an example with a TMP36 temperature sensor.

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