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Basic algorithm scripting solutions [Freecodecamp] – Devacron.com

Basic algorithm scripting solutions [Freecodecamp]

freecodecamp basic algorithm scripting solutions

FreeCodeCamp.com is one of the gems on the internet in my opinion. You can start your career as a developer absolutely free with the courses you can find there. The project is open source and this means you can contribute if you are an experienced developer. Today I finished the ‘Basic Algorithm Scripting’ section and even if I work as a developer for years it took me more than I thought. Well this is an alert that by using often tools like lodash.js / underscore.js will make my brain lazy 😛 Below are my solutions, you can write your thoughts in comments section.

Reverse a String

Factorialize a Number

Check for Palindromes

Find the Longest Word in a String

Title Case a Sentence

Return Largest Numbers in Arrays

Confirm the Ending

Repeat a string

Truncate a string

Chunky Monkey

Slasher Flick


Falsy Bouncer

Seek and Destroy

Where do I belong

Caesars Cipher

Or you can get them from this repository

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