Angular2 Github boilerplate repositories


List of Github repositories that are focused on helping others to learn Angular2 in conjunction with build systems, bundling, testing, rendering and deployment.

The repos in this section serve as project starters that are useful in demonstrating various development stacks:

Repository Author ▼ ngVersion Dev Stack
universal angular rc.1 universal (server-side rendering), gulp, bower, jasmine, karma, protractor, phantomjs, tslint
universal-starter angular rc.1 universal, express, webpack
angular2-webpack-starter AngularClass rc.1 (angular2-material), webpack, karma, protractor, jasmine
angular2-esnext-starter blacksonic rc.1 ES6, babel, gulp, webpack, karma, jasmine, phantomjs, protractor, babel-eslint
ng2Boilerplate born2net rc.1 jspm, gulp, bootstrap, jquery, bootbox
Angular2-JumpStart DanWahlin rc.1 (new @angular dependency resolution), systemjs-builder
angular2-login-seed domfarolino rc.1 (full stack), express, passport, sequelize, bower, material
ng2-material justindujardin beta.14 (material design), grunt, webpack, karma, istanbul
angular2-base kiswa rc.1 systemjs-builder, gulp, gulp-mocha
angular2-typescript-gulp kolorobot rc.1 gulp, tslint
angular2-seed mgechev rc.1 express, gulp, karma, jasmine, protractor, tslint
angular2-seed-advanced NathanWalker beta.17 (built on angular2-seed), ngrx/store, ngrx-store-router, ng2-translate, nativescript, electron
ng2-translate ocombe beta.16 systemjs-builder, karma, jasmine
ng2-play pkozlowski-opensource beta.16 systemjs, gulp
angular2-starter-kit pmachowski beta.15 universal (server-side rendering), webworker, docker, express, postcss, webpack, gzip
angular2-webpack preboot rc.1 webpack, karma, jasmine, istanbul, protractor, sass, postcss, tslint, typedoc
angular2-webpack-lite TheLarkInn rc.1 webpack
ng2-bootstrap valor-software rc.1 bootstrap, gulp, webpack, karma, jasmine, tslint
angular2-webpack-seed webtrix rc.1 webpack


The repos in this section feature specific solutions, libraries, design guides and general information:

Repository Author ▼ ngVersion Purpose
angular-cli angular n/a command line interface
material2 angular rc.0 material design components, angular-cli
angular2-jwt auth0 rc.1 helper library for using with JWTs for authorization (check open issues if using beta.17)
angular2-community-faq escardin n/a frequently asked questions on Angular2’s gitter channel
angular2-style-guide mgechev n/a best practices and style guidelines
primeng primefaces rc.0 ui component suite
angular2-education timjacobi n/a curated list of edu materials
ngSemantic vladotesanovic beta.14 semantic-ui, systemjs-builder



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