Use Angular + NativeScript to build native mobile apps [Free webinar]


Join John Papa and Telerik NativeScript experts Burke Holland and TJ VanToll, as they discuss how the newly available techniques in NativeScript 2.0 empower developers and organizations to deliver maximally performant and elegant applications with a minimal amount of effort. Wouldn’t it be great if you could build native mobile apps with JavaScript? Or even better, what if you could build them with Angular?

Feel like you’ve heard this before? You haven’t. Not like this. These are pure native mobile applications running full animations at 60 frames per second, and you can build them with JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular.

These apps use native controls and components and allow your application to continue the great user experience your customers demand. Best of all? You can reuse tons of code from npm, Cocoapods, Android Jars, and even your Angular 2 web apps.

So you can build better apps faster and standardize on the Angular framework you know and love. Interested?

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