Firebase Guide

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Ok so you heard about firebase and you are looking on how to make use of it in your projects. The easiest way to start is to go through the simple guide the guys in tutsplus posted few weeks ago. It has all the basic steps in order to add a firebase database  and interact with it.  You can read the Firebase Guide here.

Firebase’s API offers several methods to write data to a data location. However, in today’s tutorial we are going to focus on using the set() and push() methods. Let’s briefly review what each of these methods allow us to do.

  • The set() method will write data to the data location, as well as overwrite any data that is currently stored at the data location.
  • The push() method will write data to the data location by automatically generating a new child location with a unique name. In addition, this unique name will be prefixed with a time-stamp. This will allow all the children locations to be chronologically-sorted.
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