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BlogEngine.NET 2.9 Released

Even if I recently moved from BlogEngine.Net to WordPress I still believe that BlogEngine is a great piece of software. Actually its one of the very few blog engines  in Asp.net. So good news for the people that use this blog engine because two days

Apache Ant 1.9.3 Released

If you are building Java appliactions then there is a high possibility to use Apache Ant for compiling, testing and running Java apps. So good news for you today. The latest version 1.9.3 is available for download. It contains several bug fixes and improvements compared

Internet Explorer 11 για Windows 7

H Microsoft χθες, διεθεσε για κατεβασμα τη νεα εκδοση του Internet Explorer 11 για Windows 7 λειτουργικα. Μεχρι τωρα επρεπε να εχετε Windows 8.1, ομως προφανως πασχιζουν ωστε να μην χασουν αλλο μεριδιο απο την πιτα των browsers. Ειδα αρκετα νεα χαρακτηριστικα με σημαντικοτερο για